Ed Messerly

Ed Messerly has over 35 years of experience in Fiduciary matters.  After graduating from law school, Ed practiced law several years before joining the trust department of a large regional bank.  At the bank Ed was responsible for the retirement plan division of the trust department for the Eastern Region of Ohio.  His responsibilities included fiduciary compliance for 4 offices in the region.  After leaving the bank, Ed joined Mercer Human Resources Consulting in Cleveland as a retirement plan advisor/consultant.  When Ed retired from Mercer, he saw a need to assist investment fiduciaries in meeting their fiduciary responsibilities and started Fiduciary Guidance, LLC.

Ed has also earned the designation of an Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst from Fi360, the parent organization of CEFEX.  As an AIFA, Ed is qualified to conduct CEFEX Assessments that can result in CEFEX Fiduciary Certification.



About Fiduciary Guidance, LLC

How we Are unique.  The approach of Fiduciary Guidance, LLC is different from what you normally find:

  • I am totally objective and speak in simple plain language.

  • I will not provide investment advisory work or any record keeping services. By not providing investment advice or selling any product, I remain totally objective in reviewing a client’s existing practices and service providers and providing the client completely unbiased feedback.

  • I roll up my sleeves and work with your team and your service providers, learning your current practices to compare them against the global standard of Fiduciary prudence and giving you objective feedback for improvement.

  • My work does not disrupt or replace your existing service providers. In fact many service providers welcome my work to learn how they can better serve their clients.

  • I am a consultant by choice and am passionate about assisting clients achieve fiduciary excellence.