Investment Advisory Firms & Investment Managers

  A competitive advantage in a crowded investment services industry and to grow AUM To create a culture of continuous improvement Improved client satisfaction by increasing the likelihood of achieving client objectives and better performance

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Retirement Plan Sponsors

Protection from liability for the company and plan fiduciaries Improved participant results Plan administrative cost savings

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Foundations and Nonprofits

  To grow AUM by establishing trust within the donor community and attracting new donors Increased Organizational efficiency To secure funds relied upon by grant recipients

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The mission of Fiduciary Guidance, LLC: Making Investment Fiduciaries (Investment Advisory Firms, Investment Managers, Companies that sponsor qualified retirement plans, Foundations and Endowments) that are responsible for holding and investing other people’s money, more successful by strategically following a Global Standard of Fiduciary Excellence which will make them standout from their peers, achieve better results for their stakeholders, and grow assets under management.

The Fiduciary Standard is the highest standard of care known to the law and is a responsibility to be taken seriously.  Investment fiduciaries are required to act in the best interest of those they serve and there are established practices they must follow.  Steadily following repeatable prudent fiduciary practices will lead to consistently better long term results.

Fiduciary Guidance provides assessments of a fiduciary’s practices and benchmarks them against the Global Standard of Fiduciary Excellence established by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence and documented in a series of books titled Prudent Practices for Investment Fiduciaries.  The assessment process is consistent with global ISO Standards including ISO 9000 and ISO 19011.  Successful completion of the assessment can result in Certification by CEFEX which entitles the investment fiduciary to display the CEFEX seal.

CEFEX Certification provides documentation from an independent third party rating agency of fiduciary prudence and becomes part of a client’s branding showing the public the level of excellence achieved by the client.  Globally, there are about 240 CEFEX Certified organizations across 8 countries and 4 continents.  Certification marks a firm as one of the best of the best globally.